Blues Hockey Podcast – Road Trip! (Episode 23)

Road Trip! The St. Louis Blues are going road tripping this week and have had mixed results.  On this week’s Blues Hockey Podcast, Chris and I recap the past week’s games of the St. Louis Blues season and discuss the current problems the Blues are having scoring outside of the STL line. Apparently, many people like our Blues hottie Melisa. The response has been overwhelming and she is very grateful for the support. We will be adding a picture a week to the website. We will soon have a gallery set up so you can look at all of her pictures. Please check out her links below.  We want to hear from you, our listeners! Get the latest news about the Blues Hockey podcast on our Twitter account (@BluesHockeyNHL). Follow us on Twitter by clicking the link below and “Like” us on Facebook.  Check out our meet the hosts tab on our homepage if you want to contact any of us on the podcast. Help spread the word about the podcast.

Photo by: Sean Sitek

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